Hitting The Wall

Late at night, when I’m finally in bed after a long day of sitting at a desk and trying to stay focused and enthusiastic, I find myself pondering exactly where I am in my journey and where I should go next. At the young and inexperienced age of 24, I already feel like a has-been; like somewhere along the line I missed my big chance and now I’m resigned to feeling empty until I die. Continue reading Hitting The Wall

Productive Remote Working: 5 Easy and Effective Tips

Working from home can be a difficult thing to adjust to, no matter how focused and motivated you may consider yourself to be. There are many distractions (both obvious and otherwise) that can get in the way of your productivity, and a failure to separate work and rest can lead to mounting stress levels and a frustrating inability to think of anything other than your job, no matter what time of the day or night it may be. Continue reading Productive Remote Working: 5 Easy and Effective Tips