Hitting The Wall

Late at night, when I’m finally in bed after a long day of sitting at a desk and trying to stay focused and enthusiastic, I find myself pondering exactly where I am in my journey and where I should go next. At the young and inexperienced age of 24, I already feel like a has-been; like somewhere along the line I missed my big chance and now I’m resigned to feeling empty until I die. Continue reading Hitting The Wall

Learning a Language Changed My Life. Here’s How.

I remembered the sparkle in my high school French teacher’s eyes as she told me that learning a language was like unlocking the door to another world. With every new word and phrase, my horizons would expand just a little bit. Sitting in my host sister’s bedroom armed with a bilingual dictionary and a notepad to help illustrate my thoughts and ideas, I truly understood what my teacher had meant. Continue reading Learning a Language Changed My Life. Here’s How.