Week Four – Hitting The First Wall

For various reasons, the fourth week of my year-long coding challenge has been slow, frustrating, and somewhat unproductive.

Of course, I’ve continued with my challenge, and I’ve worked through lines of code and markup languages each and every day. I haven’t let my dedication to my goal slip, and coding is still something that I feel passionate about and desperately want to get better at.

Having said that, however, I must admit that I’ve been growing somewhat frustrated.

Regarding momentum

When I took part in the basic SheCodes course last week, I found myself really absorbing and understanding the information that was presented to me. I was in no way an expert, but I did remember what I had just learned, and I was able to use my newly-acquired knowledge to create and design basic pages even after the course ended.

Yet, moving on, I’ve struggled to find another learning resource that has had the same effect.

I realised that video-based learning was a good match for me, so I made my way to Udemy and purchased two well-rated courses in the sale. One course, a long one that constitutes a mini-bootcamp, focuses on all aspects of web development and is quite well structured with appealing slides and exercises, yet for some reason I just struggle to lose myself in it.

The other, a basic intro course to JavaScript, is filled with a great many exercises – yet I find myself struggling to apply what I learned from the videos when it comes to solving the presented problems.

On paper, the courses are very similar to what SheCodes provided, yet for some reason I’m nowhere near as enthusiastic or motivated to complete them.

It seems that I might have hit a wall.

Looking ahead

In around 10 days, my first in-person ‘boot camp’ course will begin. Pushing the impracticalities of commuting to the school from work and juggling the homework with a full-time job aside, I’m incredibly excited – but I’m also nervous that, just as in the case of these Udemy courses, I’ll struggle to really click with the learning style and make the most of it.

When it comes to learning, I know that there’s a direct correlation between the results you receive and the effort you put in, so I’m determined to push on regardless.

Yet, a piece of me does very much hope that things start to fall into place very soon.

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

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